Thank you ladies!

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  1. For your advice about my Novak. I went back to the store and they gave me another one. They were super nice about it! I will tell you that alll of them had scratches - the SA said it is because the leather scratches quite easily on this back. You can get it buffed to remove trhem but it is one of those bags that just scratch from the slightest bump. If you can put ip with that, it is a BEAUTIFUL bag and the red is amazing - I get brown because the red has a longer waiting list. Call the NYC Alexander McQueen store and put yourself on the spring list - they are coming out with navy!
  2. Good for you : )
  3. yay! I'm glad everything worked out!
  4. Hooray! Score one for the customer!

    But remember, its gonna scratch. Take a deep breath when it happens. After a dozen or so, they'll blend and you won't notice it as much.
  5. Great! I am so happy it all worked out! Now just love that beautiful bag.
  6. So happy it became a no stress purchase! Enjoy your stunning:love: Novak.

    Navy sounds beautiful!
  7. Great to hear :biggrin:
  8. Good for you.. We're happy for you...
  9. Yehhhh... :nuts:
  10. FendiBagLady,

    I am glad it worked out for you.

    Quick question, what did you mean when you wrote in your Buyer's Remorse post "final sale?" I thought it meant "no refunds, no exchanges" or did it mean "this is the last markdown sale for this item?"
  11. :biggrin: Sweet!
  12. I'm not sure - they stamped that on the receipt even though the print on the receipt says the normal policy is exchane or refund within 14 days. And seeing as the Novak is so popular and hard to get I wonder why they would need to make it final sale...When I went back to the store they gave me no problem about exchanging it for another one without a scratch and they said that if they had had a red one not on reserve I could have exchanged the brown for the red. Sadly, the waiting list for the red is too long and so I stuck with the brown. In any case thanks again for all of your advice. I would definitely recommend McQueen for good customer service- they are super nice!