thank you ladies of TPF

  1. This DH is one happy fellow! Lucky enough to get a birkin 35 cm togo in rouge garrance with PH plus a matching Dogon Combined wallet and a scarf! Thank you ladies for keeping me persistent in search of this elusive birkin! Your tips and encouragement gave hope and have made this guy very happy after this accomplishment and DW even happier to say the least ! Had to have it shipped to save $900 in taxes...still in NYC currently and using my blackberry to post. I will post a picture later. Next on the list is another 35 cm birkin in parchment with GH! But you ladies were correct...she will and did get one elusive bag before she turned 50...maybe she'll have 5 before she turns 50...but honestly, how many birkins must a lady have...I know, I many as she wants!!! Thanks everyone again!
  2. HOORRAY!!!!!
    Very happy this all worked out! What a fantastic gift!!!!

    You are splendid, Petpringles!!!
  3. Aww, that's fabulous. She will be thrilled.
    I'm exhausted from hiding my orange boxes from my DH this week.
    You are a gem!
  4. WOW! What a great bag. She will be ENTHRALLED. Can't wait to see pics! :tup: What a fabulous DH you are!
  5. Congrats!! You're an awesome hubby!!
  6. *Cheshire Cat's smile*
    no words...just this huge smile