Thank you Ladies of TPF...Part II

  1. My wife is now at your level ladies, loving her 35 cm Rouge Garance Togo Birkin with PHW (I can't believe I am talking your Hermes lingo!)...attached is the picture I promised. And the addiction begins...thanks for your encouragement and tips (and you know who you are ladies!) wife's a happy camper!! And for those on the quest for one...keep your eyes on the prize!!! The hunt is worth it...however frustrating! TFP thanks...glad I found you!:tup:
    PB280126.JPG PB280128.JPG
  2. Hooray!! It all worked out well in the end! I remember your original post and I thought that you would have to wait, well it came!! Its lovely that the ladies here managed to help you out!!
    The Birkin you purchased is a wonderful bag!! I am sure she will wear it well!!
    Congrats again!
  3. you are one special DH and your lovely wife is so fortunate to have you...I'm so glad that it all worked out...cheers!:drinkup:
  4. Dear Mr. PPgles:

    I am SO HAPPY for your wife (you NOT only got her the bag/dogon and Kelly scarf), you deserve a BIG KISS from her!!!!!!!!!

    Pad yourself for your LOVING gesture and HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!!
  5. WOW! I love it. What excellent choices. :tup: Your DW is very lucky!
  6. Aww! I just saw this and am SOOOOO happy for her (and you!).
  7. Verrry nice!!!!
  8. Oh, how totally gorgeous!! Congratulations on scoring a TDF Birkin. You are an amazing DH. She is a very, very lucky lady... a fab Birkin (& Dogon & scarf) and a fab DH!

  9. What a beauty! Yes, and the addiction begins! Now don't forget yourself. Lots of RTW, shoes, belts & watches for the modern H man!
  10. Thank you H for me...just the wife....I figured, if she looks good with her baubles and her H's then I look good even if I wear torned jeans!!!! That's how I was raised!!!

    But TPF has help me out a lot as you ladies are just willing to take us "newbies" onto your wings and give us ideas on how to nab an elusive icon. This is the only forum I know..My wife's (doctor) friends are shock on how I got one for my DW so quickly :yahoo:and that alone is something I can wear on my sleeves...and it feels darn good if I may add!...(got one for her in less than 3 months of putting the concept in to plan!)...thanks angsain to the TPF ladies...

    So for the ladies on this forum, what's the average number of Hermes (Birkin ot Kelly of Evelyn or Contance, etc. ) do a respectable H-loving woman deserves...once a year (sounds fair to me!)...anything more than that? ...I don't know!!!
  11. WOW.... you went all out. With the scarf and matching accessory! I'm so happy for you and your darling wife. :yes:
  12. I am so happy that your wife was able to receive such great gifts in time for her 50th! It will sure make turning 50 fantastic!!!
    I love that red garance. Happy Birthday,to your wife!
  13. Love the birkin, the scarf and the dogon. What a great present for someone turning 50. Congrats!!!
  14. You should feel triumphant. That was a great feat. I've been waiting and searching for a year. But you are an awesome husband. She is very lucky!
  15. Ohhh....congratulations!! I'm so happy for you - and your wife!