Thank you ladies! My two reveals!

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  1. I rarely do reveals but I just thought I owe it to the ladies who gave their input on my decision. I know a lot of you voted for the blue but the lambskin from the red was just so buttery! However, I've picked up something else from the picture I've took... I just want thank you everyone for helping me & letting me share!

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  2. Congratulations!!! I love the red boy!!
  3. Yay, I voted for the red and also love your blue chevron woc!!
  4. Thank you!! Boys are the best! Hehe
  5. Thank you for your input! I never thought I like chevron until I saw that woc!
  6. The navy woc is gorgeous! Where did you get it? I was looking for it a few weeks back.
  7. Congrats, they're beautiful!
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  8. Gorgeous!!!!
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  9. Beautiful. I love the chevron woc

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  10. Gorgeous pieces!! Love that blue woc!! [emoji7]
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  11. Thank you! I got it at the Toronto boutique there was a pink lambskin chevron woc when I was there too.
  12. I'm chevron crazy [emoji12]

    Better watch out, it might be contagious
  13. Beautiful pieces!
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  14. I love everything. Congrats on such wonderful pieces!
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  15. I think I've already been bit by the chevron bug! I'm already looking for my next chevron bag...
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