Thank You, Ladies! (my new Ali...)

  1. Thanks to many of you lovely ladies for sharing your beautiful photos of your Alis and your PCE advice. After taking the recommendations of many here, I marched straight into our local Coach store with numbers in hand and got a PCE discount (with no card!). *And* was able to take my gorgeous white Ali home with me (it was a customer return, but everything was perfect) :yahoo:!

    You gals are fantastic!
  2. That's so awesome to hear. Congrats!
    Make sure to post pics so we can all share your joy =)
  3. :yes:
  4. Congrats! The white Ali is so purdy. Can't wait to see a pic
  5. Here are a couple. I'm still waiting for my Legacy scarf to come in (another great find through this forum :yes:).

  6. Thanks, gals! What's so funny is I was so convinced the night before I wanted a whiskey ali. But I took a good look at my bag collection and I have no less than 9 bags in some shade of brown, khaki, chocolate, and walking into the store I convinced myself that I just wanted the scarf.

    Then the SA (who was helping me with the type of leather we were talking about with the Legacys) walked out with the white and I thought "uh oh"! It goes with everything...and it's a great size for me (I need to carry my DS's meds and potty-training "incentives") and reminds me of a bag my mom's friend had when I was growing up. This mom had a bag that looked identical to this - a little retro with some punch!
  7. It's so lovely!!! Gratz!!! That's a perty scarf too!
  8. Glad you got something you love!! I have the white and love it too! It's a great bag! Congratulations!
  9. Very pretty! I'm sure you'll love carrying it.
  10. What a beautiful bag! If I were allowed to own a white bag (three little kids = no white bags), that would be my first choice!

    I also have a lot of brown bags--kinda can't help it--and I'm trying to break out of that just a bit. LOVE the ali--it is my overall favorite style along with the ergo hobos/totes...

    Congrats! You'll enjoy that bag for years....
  11. You know, TejasMama, I have a 3 and a 5 year old and I may kick myself later for saying this, but I think the white ali is suited for us! The leather is beautiful, but durable too, you know? I have a few Hayden Harnetts and while I love them, I am a little paranoid about sticky fingers (applegard protectant and all!). The super-soft leather seems more prone to showing stains.

    I really feel like the white ali is a "baby wipe" type bag - got a mess, take a clean wipe and it will be fine! Time will tell, but I'm hopeful this will be pretty easy care.
  12. Congrats and that is beautiful bag!!!
  13. Congrats on an awsome purchase!!:yahoo:
  14. I need a mega phone smiley!
    "put your hands on your head and step away from the bag. . ." get a way from my bag . . . don't touch the bag!"
  15. Woohoo!!!!! I'm so glad you got the Ali!!!! You're just going to love her!!!!!!