Thank you, just because. =)

  1. Ok, now, I know there are probably many appreciation threads, but I just wanted to put down my own.

    Thank you tPF. Thank you for a wonderful place. A place that's wonderful, drama free, informative, amazing and safe. It's really nice to have a place to give your views, share with others, look at some amazing authentic items and just be you. tPF has given me the oppurtunity to meet some amazing new people, reconnect with some old friends who I had lost contact with for awhile and cherish greatly, gain valuble information about the stuff I love, give a protective, loving and authentic enviornment for my passion and introduce new and wonderful lines of my favorite brands which I would have never known on my own.

    So, thanks for being here guys, it's done a lot for me and for a lot of others I'm sure.

    I'm also thankful for my wonderful husband and really supportive family, home, love, the beautiful weather, the minimal apprearance of bugs so far (LOL), nighttime coffee runs, and the quiet moments either laying in bed holding the hand of the one I love or taking a drive with him out to the harbor.

    It's not Thanksgiving or anything, but, for me personally, sometimes some things just need to be said or appreciated for no reason other than to just acknowledge it along with the feelings it envokes within you.

    Feel free to share what moves you and what you are appreciative of at the moment, just because. :yes:
  2. I also want to thank TPF, its my internet family(corny sorry) but yes you guys are the only ones that understand my LV obsession or any other obsession. We can always talk about whatever and you guys always led a ear. THank YOU TPF.
    ANd thank my DH family , They are the best.
  3. Thanks TPF...I've made some great friends here, some I am lucky to know IRL (or unlucky depending how you look at it--hubby def. says unlucky) and some are friends I chat with online.

    It is nice to have a distraction from my reality which is not the greatest right now. Love being able to escape into a world where my greatest problem is, "What bag am I going to buy?"

    Thanks to Gayle for starting this thread! You're such a sweetie!

    Also, thanks for Nike Golf because as much as you irritate me it is nice to know I married a man with a heart (now if we could just work on those organization skills).

    Also have to send a shout out to my parents (even though thet don't read) for taking good care of my little princess (see avatar) while I am at work making money to buy more bags!
  4. ^^Just want to point out in my post above that my parents do read, they just don't read here (thank goodness!)
  5. :crybaby:what a cute thread I'm filling up here guys!

    Me & BF often have conversations about how great TPF is it absolutely blows his mind that strangers (essentially) from across the world can come together and be so helpful, thoughtful and caring about someone they will (possibly) never meet

    The "real world" may not always be a kind to you but you know you always have a happy home in TPF!

    Love you all guys!!
  6. ^^So true, esp. when strangers send you Tim Tams out of the blue! You rock Label Addict!!!
  7. awww, y'all are so sweet. we appreciate the thanks, keeping this place clean is a harder job than it looks like!
  8. Great thread....and so very sweet. Being a Mod Is a job all tPF mods take great pride in.. So thank you members for being so cooperative and caring.
  9. tPf ROCKS:yahoo::tup::jammin:
  10. I will keep this short and sweet.

    I love it here. I can't go a night without this place and I have learned so much and hope to make so many friends!

    Thank you to everyone here who has extended a hand and a piece of your heart!
  11. gayle, you are too adorable. thanks for being a great pal all this time...we go wayyyyy back huh ;)

    thanks to the staff of tpf for making such a wonderful community for everyone to share their handbag passion.

    thanks to the hawaii ladies in the LV forum. its great to know that there are like minded locals who love LV :smile:
  12. aww Gayle ITA with everything u wrote..I am so thankful to all you TPfer's!! you guys have no idea how you inspire me to live, to really live..bc so many times IRL people around just want to keep you down....I appreciate you all & TPf so Much Thank you!