Thank you Jenny!

  1. With the help of mello_yello_jen, I just ordered my very first Marc Jacobs bag from :wlae: Jen purchased the VERY LAST totally turnlock bowler (in Yam) on my behalf and I absolutely cannot wait for it to arrive! Whoooopie!!! :yahoo: Just wanted everyone to know that Jen is such a doll and her gesture has definitely touched my heart... :love: *Hugs*
  2. Congrats!! Don't forget to post pics when it arrives!
  3. Yeah definitely! But it should take a while because I reside in Australia... =)
  4. aww, jen's a sweetie for sure :smile:
  5. Congratulations. Let's see the pics when your bag arrives.
  6. That's awesome! Jen is the best! It's great when PFers help each other out. Congrats on your new bag, can't wait to see it!
  7. awwww!!!!!!!!!! =*)

    I can't wait till you receive it!!!

    I'm definitely an advocate for the totally turnlock line :roflmfao:
  8. Awwww so touching to see TPFers helping each other out!!!! :yes:
  9. Hooray!! Can't wait to see pics when it arrives!! Congrats!