Thank you! I just advised my father how to buy Diamonds for my mother!

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  1. #1 Sep 30, 2010
    Last edited: Sep 30, 2010
    Thank you Thank you Thank you!
    Yesterday after work I saw a pair of diamond studs in the shopwindow of a pawn shop in Vienna ( a reliable one, Dorotheum).

    I could tell, they had a great fire and were sparkling like wild!

    Today I went back with my father and asked for the specs, Colour H, P1.
    The SA was amazed, that they were on sale for only 414 EUR.

    Before having consulted this board, I never ever would have considered touching P1-stones.

    But the cut! It is so excellent, they sparkle and have a fire, great!!
    The setting is very light and elegant, reminds me of the Peretti-style-

    I convinced my father to get them for my mum since she doesn't own a pair yet!

    My father was wondering, why the pair was such a bargain, compared to new pairs. He even thought something might be wrong.
    I explained - inclusions make a huge difference for the price. But it is the cut that matters.
    0.5 tcw 414 EUR, white gold.

    Some of you may remember me being sad with the solitaire-rings without any fire ... a few weeks ago. I learned my lesson which is: The stones need to speak to you, touch you, excite you.

    Now I hope my mum will be as excited as I am. My father is still on his way home.

    UPDATE: my mum just called, guess what was the first thing she said: Wow! How they sparkle ... like no other jewelry she owns. And the fire, even in low light. So nice!"

  2. :smile: Awesome!!!
  3. Great! I hope you post pictures.
    They probably cost a lot more new. P1 is not a problem for earrings and in the store they can cost a lot!
  4. That's an awesome story!
  5. I found the english version of the Dorotheum shop is online,
    you would not exactly call this a pawn shop?

    I will keep an eye on their shop windows after work!