Thank You Guys -- Got My Balenciaga Work Bag

Hi Everyone,

Just wanted to thank you all for your input when I was looking for a tote/large bag to carry around my baby stuff, but still be stylish.:biggrin: Or try to. I just got my Balenciaga Work bag (boring black -- but, with little munchkin hands, I couldn't risk getting a light colored one). And, I love it. I hope this isn't the beginning of a Balenciaga addiction -- I don't think I could afford it! It's so lightweight. And, just the right size. I also found a diaper/wipe holder that I can just transfer from bag to bag (DiapeeWipee or something like that).

Love my new B-Bag!
Congrats! From what other B-bag owners here say, it sounds like Balenciagas can be somewhat addictive ;) I haven't received mine yet, but I think I might be joining the club of addicts, too :P
i'm so happy for you shopper! i think you'll love ther versatility of a black bag even if you would prefer one of balenciaga's bolder colors. i own a black city and i just can't go wrong with that bag, no matter what outfit i have on. oh.. and not to disapoint you, but i have a sneaking suspicion that this wont be your last bbag, i bought my city last month and ordered the cornflower work this morning.

i would love to see pictures of your bag! i'm happy to hear that the work is a loveable size, i am beyong excited to get mine!
Thanks, guys! I will post photos as soon as I get a chance -- kids are running me ragged these days. :nuts:

CeeJay...very funny. Must...not...get...addicted.

Melissa, post pics of your cornflower one when you get it! Sounds gorgeous.