Thank you gifts/notes

  1. Do you send gifts or thank you notes to your SA when you buy something they call you about?
  2. ^^Yep, usually food that they really like. Sometimes I just give them something even when they don't call and I'm stopping by.
  3. I usually send a thank you e-mail or text to Manager/or SA, and I'll bring food sometimes when I drop in.
  4. So I should bring something with me to the store and not send it? I didn't realize they were allowed to accept things.
  5. I think if it is little stuff like flowers or food, those are OK.
    I send notes.
  6. Yes, always. To the one in Paris, I often get Jean-Paul Hevin chocolates. In the U.S. non-Jean-Paul Hevin. LOL
  7. I Always Send A Thank You & Just Little Cards To Say Hello. I Bring Food/Deserts At The Holiday Season. Even Though I Will Send Some Goodies To My Older Stores ~ This Is My First Year Bringing Treats To My New Store (New To Me & To Them): It Should Be Fun!!!
  8. I've sent thank you cards.