thank you gifts ideas? please help.

  1. Tommorrow is my last day here at work and I wanted to get thank you gifts for my 2 mentors. One is 27 and the other is in her early 50's. (if that helps deciding on what to get them lol)

    I was thinking flowers or roses, but is that strange?
    please suggest something I can get them to show them how much I appreciated them helping me these past 6 months.

  2. Flowers are always nice. A nice bouquet to brighten up their desks?

    A lovely thought. You are so sweet!
  3. great, thanks for confirming that was the way to go.
    I was thinking chocolate, but I think one of them is a diabetic and atleast with flowers, people who walk by can be envious of them hehe :smile: THANK YOU.
  4. flowers are perfect....always!
  5. A nice non rose bouquet would be great. Plus, maybe a small thank you card in which you can reflect and let them know what the one or two things that they did or said really helped/impacted you. That would not only be sweet, but would allow them to get an idea what things you found helpful so in the future they can continue to mentor.

  6. Good idea on the card!:yes:
  7. I would definitely get flowers...but just not roses. Maybe something summery. I always love lilies. That's a really sweet idea and I'm sure they'll love it!
  8. I would make a small gift basket, maybe of some of their favorite things (that you can get in a grocery store)??

    But I think the most important part is the card, which I'm sure they will treasure much more than the gift!

    Good luck!
  9. you can always get a nice potted flower too...daisies or something. it will last longer and brighten up their office. :smile: but the card will definately be the part they treasure most.