Thank you from the bottom of my heart..


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Jan 27, 2006
Its been more than a month since I lost my dear loving caring brother after he suffered a sudden heart attack.. it was 13th of Ramadan, 25th of September.

My parents lost their young son.
My elder brother lost his only brother.
His pregnant wife lost her husband.
His young little 2.5 years daughter lost her father.
His friends lost their soul mate.

And I.. lost the closest heart to me, the warmest lab.. my dear everything. my loving caring brother "Ghassan"

It was and still is the hardest time in my entire life as anyone could imagine.

A few days later after the tragedy I was -by all means- lost in words when all of you sweet beloved PF members responded in this thread that my dear friend “beautiful stranger” -formally known as “his angel”- posted.

And some were unbelievably kind enough to check upon me and offer their support via pm/email/and even phone.

Yesterday.. I had time to pick up the mail.. I was surprised to see letters for me.. Other than my cell phone bill and bank statements. What could these three strange letters be?
I looked at it closer.. And thought: “the stamps are elegant.. the address must have been wrong or something.. As I wasn’t expecting any international mail!!”

I read what was written on all envelopes.. And I went crazy!! What?? The PF!! These letters are related to the PF??!!
I started opening them.. and my eyes went into tears reading through all.
I shared the cards with my family members, close friends and work mates..
They all felt the warmth and kindness of having someone thousands of kilometers away feeling your pain.

..They were sympathy cards for my recent loss.

I hadn’t picked up my mail since the tragedy.. It seems they arrived 3 weeks back.
One from “The Lovely Sunshine Committee”

And the other from a sweet PF member "Boxermom" whom I barely even know!! I swear it was a pm or two! And we both belong to the BV sub forum.

And the last one was from one of the sweetest angels on the PF, dear lovely “Mick”

/// --------------------------

Sunshine Committee: I wish I could thank each and every member individually.. Your words will be cherished for ever. And your random act of kindness is truly down to earth wonderful.

Boxermom: Sweetie.. what can I say? you are unbelievable thoughtful and extremely kind to send me such a card, your words were so comforting. I can’t really thank you enough.

Mick: You are a true angel.. Supported me with all warmth and kindness.. You have a big blessed heart dearest Mick.. And I am certain all those around you are truly blessed in their lives. I am so sorry I didn’t reply back recent letters I went into grieving silence mood recently. It’s been very hard. But your words have reached me with all love.


Please allow me to include a special thank you to the following dear members:
My dear dear sweet loving PF friends: “Chloe” & “beautiful stranger” for their strong and continues support since day 1. For their prayers for me and my family. For their wonderful sisterhood and friendship. I dont have any sister siblings.. But God blessed me with you two.

Dear sweet "JAP4life" & "trixz", whom kept asking about me and listened to me while I grieved.. You were both of great support and your kindness was something I will not ever forget. I sincerely wish you all the best always and ever.

Last but not least.. Thank you dear all in the PF.. This forum has blessed me with thousands kilometers away dear friends from all over the world whom I will cherish for ever.

I pray you all never go through the loss of a beloved one.. And those of you whom went through such a tragedy i offer my sincere prayers and share my sorrow. Life wont be ever the same without them.. But we strive each day to be what would've made them happy if they were still among us.

With all love,
deemah saleh


Sep 26, 2006
oh deemah...i have been so worried about you. :sad:i had not seen you around. of course, i understand the need for time away to grieve.
i did miss you and you were in my prayers.:flowers:
i know the pain is terrible right now. it has been near 18 years since we lost my sister. i still think of her every day, but usually the thoughts are ones that bring a smile to my face rather than tears.
i wish this for you and your family one day.:heart:
i'm here if you ever need to talk. you can email me, or call me anytime.:yes:
i'm really pleased to see you back here at tpf. we do care and hopefully spending some time here will bring you some pleasant distraction.
(((HUGE HUGS))) your friend, mick


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Sep 13, 2005
This brings tears to my eyes... I am so happy to hear so many tPFers were able to support you in such a hard time. Lots of love and let me know if you need anything, just a vent thread or anything, to help :heart:


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Jan 27, 2007
Phoenix, AZ
I am so sorry for your loss. The people here on tPF are absolutely amazing, they all know how to lift you up, even in the hardest times.
My deepest condolences:flowers:


Oct 24, 2006
Oh, Deemah, I haven't been on general discussion at all. I am soo sorry to hear about your loss. You're the sweetest person and I wish you and your family strength at this difficult time. Your little niece and her brother or sister are lucky to have you as an aunt and a big family who cares about them.
((Lots of hugs))


Jimmy ChooAholic
Oct 24, 2006
I am so glad you received the card, but more than anything I just wanted you to know how much we :heart: love you and truly care about you and your family.

We may never have the opportunity to meet fellow PF r's, but that does not mean we can't be supportive of one another in times of need. I hope you will feel free to PM me anytime you need a friend or someone to listen :yes:


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Feb 10, 2006
I am so sorry for your loss. May your brother's memory be for a blessing.

And to the PF'ers she is talking girls are awesome! Your thoughtfulness brought tears to my eyes.