Thank you for your...

  1. knowledge and support. Last week, after finding out here that PCE was extended I called my local store. Unfortunately, my regular SA was not working and the person answering the phone said I could not place a phone order for the extended PCE. I should have tried the next day, but I'm not that assertive (although I did call another boutique in the area and was told the same thing). So I went on a Coach bender over the phone w/JAX..$1,100 worth (and no PCE):tdown:...1500, if they're able to locate a black shoulder Legacy bag 10328.

    Today, I decided I wanted to get an Ali in both black and white (after recently getting her in brown & whiskey...I love shoulder bags and I've drooled over Entheos' collection for weeks!) I called my local store again, requested my friendly SA (she wasn't there), but was told I COULD order over the phone...FINALLY!:tup:

    So my Alis and a few other accessories are on their way to me with PCE discount AND the SA who took my order is checking to find out if I can receive credit on my weekend binge!!!

    I will post a group shot when everything has been received (still waiting for Legacy beauty case 40674 that someone had posted here after seeing the red about enabling...I don't even know what it looks like exactly, but I know I want it:yes:)

    Sorry for the long post (sans pictures, no less), but I wanted to express my joy in finding this forum!
  2. Sweet!! Can't wait to see everything!!
  3. Congrats! Your store should be able to do a credit adjustment when your first order arrives.
  4. That's glad to hear you got a great SA after reading some of the horror stories about crappy SA's. Cant WAIT for pics!

  5. You were a catalyst for my weekend binge...your new find, the Legacy heart keychain, pushed me over the those stripes!
  6. graberg & knuttybar, I'm happy to have a positive SA story, too! I hope I can get an adjustment, although like I said, I'm not pushy enough to get my way most of the time. At least something was discounted...Yay!!!
  7. Looking forward to pix.
  8. Wow! It sounds like you found some great bags. We can't wait to see them!
  9. Can I get an enabler of the DAY award!?!
    Ali speaks for herself, take her out to lunch!

    JB Bags, I would really like to know which store in CA you called . . . Maybe, maybe, maybe I'll order Ali Whiskey, and see if the Shoulder Flap in Citron can be ordered yet. I hope they didn't blow another opportunity for a blue Ali/Shoulder Flap. It's a shame it's not available in that turquoise or slate color.
  10. Wow! :nuts: It sounds like quite a haul is going to be arriving on your doorstep! :yahoo:I can't wait for pics!
  11. The shoulder flap can be ordered in citron. JAX couldn't fill my order for the clay and the SA told me citron was available. I ended up ordering the new shoulder in clay instead.
  12. Entheos, I called the Woodland Hills, CA store, phn 818 704-0772...Jimmy was very helpful tonight!
  13. :winkiss:Thank you so much!