Thank you for the opinions, I got my pocket square and I love it!

  1. And a lovely girl named Lisa in King of Prussia helped me today, I didn't have a lot of time but I notice a mini Kelly and a lot of Garden Party bags (is that right, garden party??) Anyway it was fun, I think I'll def. get another pocket square soon, so many pretty colors to pick!!
  2. ^ohh - I LOVE it!! so pretty and girly!!!

    Yep - it's called the Garden Party - originally designed to carry tools around the garden.......pretty fancy way to schlep around some gardening tools!!!!!
  3. Beautiful scarf, Lola! It's fits perfectly with your bag! Congrats!!!! It's only the beginning....mmmuuaaaahhhhaaa!
  4. hmmmm, if I could carry around my garden tools in that bag I wouldn't be doing my own gardening LOL.....well it's a cute bag though I think I need to stick with small hermes items for now, but I love to admire the bags.....
  5. nice pocket square scarf!!! This is the start of a new beginning!
  6. Get ready to rumble!!! A nice little beauty you picked up...if you don't want to spend more...stay out of this sub-forum!!! Hee hee

  7. oooo, that's the truth!
    very very pretty scarf - ooozing pretty girly charm.
  8. Congrats, Lola! That is a great beginning to your pocket square collection! I wear them practically every day. They really perk up my standard outfits (white t shirt, jeans, pocket square around the neck, croco loafers or, in winter, turtle neck, jeans, pocket square, blazer, boots). There is so much you can do with them!

    Hmmm, I'd better call Lisa at KOP! I've been waiting over a year for my 25cm vermillion chevre Kelly. Was the mini red, by chance? :wtf:
  9. Oh. I want to! but for now I can only stick to the small stuff, I have a kelly bracelet, as twilly, and a pocket square. I want another pocket square already though! I was in a rush yesterday but I saw sooooo many cute ones...I'll work my way up to a bag one of these years....
  10. I think I saw a black one but I was in a rush, they did seem to have more bags than I'm use to seeing there.......
  11. It's just lovely! Welcome to Hermes!! :smile:
  12. Congrats! Looks so beautiful on your bag!!!! :yahoo:
  13. Thank you! I'm soooo excited b/c I just ordered my vernis framboise small agenda and the pocket square has exactly the mandarin and framboise colors in it! it's so much fun, I didn't expect to use the agenda in my speedy but I will now b/c the pocket squares pulls it all together as far as I'm concerned!!!
  14. I like your pocket square! It's so pretty and it goes with your bag so well:yes:
  15. Lola, that's a gorgeous pochette! The colors are perfect for your bag!