Thank You For the Fabulous Birthday Treats *SO MANY PICS* WOOO WOOOOO

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  1. Yesterday was an incredibly crazy day for Dad is in town for my birthday (he flew down from Canada for the weekend) and we decided to take him to the last Notre Dame home game!!

    So yesterday started out by hitting the campus at 11 AM and taking my Dad on the full tour and doing all the traditions! It wasn't too cold during the day....but around game time it started drizzling...a nice cold yucky drizzle LOL But the good news is that my team finally won a home game ... which is so great for the boys!!!!

    Following that we went to Ruth's just opened in town a couple months ago. And OMG...3 months and 4 courses later I was a fat, plump, stuffed girl ready to hit the pillows!!

    But alas, I get home and there is this huge HEAVY box waiting for me....I wasn't sure what it could be...I thought maybe a RAOK present (since I'm involved in just a few of them LOL)! Then I saw the return name (Twinkle.Tink aka Mary) and thought 'Oh no she didn't' and tore into the box.

    When I opened the box (with hubby standing nearby) I was so touched! The box was wrapped from the inside out and had little streamers taped to it (I have pics) and even little balloons inside!

    Because my Mom always said "Read the card first' I was a good girl and resisted tearing into the presents....the outside was addressed to 'The RAOK QUEEN a RAOK birthday package'...and on the back it said '30 surprises for the big 3-0! Some are big, some are small, some a little sille, but all chosen and wrapped thinking of you. Have a magical day'. OK...that made me a little teary...and then I saw the names inside...and OMG guys you really shouldn't have....
    A BIG HUGE THANK YOU AND HUGS TO SUSIE, NADIA, PIPERLU, ICECHICK, MARY, MJ, CECE, CLAIRE, SARAH, ROBYN & PAT!!!! AMAZING ...SIMPLY AMAZING all want pics...and seriously, every single gift was individually wrapped, so I have some pics of individual presents and then big group shots....but I think I may have run out of I will post the complete list in post #2 followed by tons of pics....
  2. :popcorn: just getting comfy
  3. Here is the list of goodies...I am amazed right now going through them again WOW

    - magazine subscription of my choice (50 magazines to choose from...I am going to choose wisely...although I'm suspecting a magazine involving fashion!)

    - Burt's bees lip shine (LOVE Burt's products and can't wait to try it)

    - ELF plumping lip glaze (woooo I've never tried a plumper before...I can't wait!!!!)

    - Mini Mall magazine/LV bible (I love these much eye candy!)

    - sticky notes

    - 52 cheap dates (a set of cards with some interesting suggestions HEEHEE)

    - 2008 HANDBAGS calendar..>LOVE THIS...I am taking it to school tomorrow to put on my desk!

    - pink notebook/journal

    - the little pink book of etiquette & the little pink book of elegance (I can't wait to read these....I am probably going to realize what an oaf I am though LOL)

    - Tiffany blue book (OMG...I opened this to a page with a 3 million ring and showed hubby...he about fainted LOL)

    - a badge with a big 30 on it...HAHA hubby says I have to wear it all day LOLOL

    - a book on how to make jewelry (I am contemplating trying to pick this up as a hobby....make my own charms/necklaces and this is PERFECT!!!! I was so close to buying this exact book at Barnes & Noble a couple weeks ago)!

    - Mixed Berry smoothie body wash & body cream (yummmmm I LOVE smelly, yummy so-good-you-want-to-eat-it creams!!!)

    - massage oil (which hubby says I need to use on him...although I'm thinking I should be getting the massage LOL)

    - a cute little multi-tool/Swiss army type thing with flowers on it...small enough for a purse and will be perfect!!!

    - ELF smoky eyes kit (YAY!!!! More makeup and it has step-by-step instructions for how to do it too...which I always need LOL)

    - ELF nail files (has a mini one which is perfect to toss in the purse)

    - cup-a-cake (had a little note attached that said 'I wanted to send you a real cupcake but was afraid it wouldn't make it' it's a little cup with a cake in it LOL...yummmmmmmm)

    - 2 sets of tea is peach (yummmm love fruit smells) and the other is white peony!

    - The massage deck (instructions for different massage techniques!)

    - set of shimmery lip glosses

    - box of tea

    - Chanel nail polish (WOO WOO my first Chanel nail polish YAY! Can't wait to try it)!

    - gorgeous blanket with clouds on it...perfect for the cold Midwestern days and nights!

    - Tiffany bandeau/scarf (WOW WOW....I had this on my wishlist ages and ages ago!!! This is going to look gorgeous on one of my bags...thank you!!!)

    - OMG...a Louis Vuitton Fleurs phone charm!!! WOW...had a little note attached to the box that said 'We think you need at least LV in your life'...awwwwww....I sold this exact same charm but in the keychain version and I really missed this is fabulous!!! And it will look so great on my new Chanel tote and my Bal bags!!!!! THANK YOU!!!!!

    - and last but not least....this one had a note that said 'Open me last' and inside was a note that said 'well it's not quite a purse or designer shoes...but here is a start'....a reference to the crazy wishlist I gave my hubby that I had in my siggy for a few weeks (which he came through with a purse LOL)....but he didn't get the I think I will be putting these toward a pair of Tory Burch shoes!!!!! Oh DOH...I didn't say what it is a $100 AMex gift certificate!!! THANK YOU!!!

    ACK...I'm getting all teary just seeing everything again...I can't wait to start opening and using everything and putting everything in their spots in my closet and bathroom!!!

    Pics to follow right away....
  4. OMG...look at that list is crazy ACK!!!
  5. OK pics...








  6. More coming....





  7. And more LOL....



  8. And a huge group took up almost the entire center island in my kitchen LOL....


    THANK YOU AGAIN....really this place is sooooo special!!! Even my husband was flabbergasted and was speechless (quite a rare occurrence)!!!
  9. OMG that's such an amazing, grand, thoughtful gesture! Congrats to everyone involved! Again, happy birthday Naomi!
  10. :woohoo:fabulous gifts Twiggers - there are some truely special ladies on this forum.
  11. WOW there really is!!!

    And just now I got an email from Mid- who emailed me a gift certificate for iTUNES (I LOVE iTUNES!!!!)...this is so perfect *HUGS* I was just going to go on today and buy a couple new songs that I haven't been able to get out of my head (that new Alicia Keys song and the new Jordin Sparks song)! THANK YOU SWEETIE!!!!!

    Oh...and a birthday wishes email from Megs & Vlad came in too!!!
  12. Yahoo! Happy, happy birthday Twiggers, so glad we could share your birthday with you.
  13. Happy Birthday Naomi!
    Those are great gifts from nice people!!
  14. Mary: Thank you so much for the well wishes...and thank you for everything!!!!! It was/is so overwhelming...and such a surprise...I am just amazed!!!!!

    Thank you Diva!!!!
  15. WOW!!! What a great gift!!! Happy birthday!!! XOXOXXOX!