Thank You for SA ' Emilene' from NM last call

  1. hey gals,
    I was going to put together a thank you card for the SA 'Emilene' from the Last Call store in florida, since she helped so many of us out and was so nice and friendly. I know there were several of us who scored some chloe ediths with her help, and I think a group card would be something nice.

    What I thought about doing is painting her a nice card (I'm an illustrator by trade) of a chloe bag or something. Then what I was going to do, is if anyone would like to contribute some kind words, they can either post them in this thread or PM me. What I will do is cut and paste those into Microsoft word or Photoshop, put the messages in some nice fancy font, and print them out on cardstock. Put a lil DIY and scrapbooking magic in, and voila! a nice card for a deserving SA...:p

    If you'd like to contribute anything, that's be awesome...I think maybe i'll throw in a box of chocolates or something. I'm sure she'll get SA of the month, then! hahahah!!!:tup:

    so, if she helped you, please start the kind regards:
  2. Thanks Emilene for a great bag at a great price.......

    Mona from Canada
  3. thanks!!
  4. Thank you Emilene. You went the extra mile and we all appreciate that.
  5. Invite her to join the forum???:wondering Over at dior's forum, a SA at outlet has joined the forum. Very helpful and informing.
  6. Thanks Emeline! You should be SA of the Year! :heart:Regina
  7. Just a little bump for this wonderful thought!
  8. thanks mona!
  9. update: well i came down with a nasty cold yesterday so all i've been doing is internet window shopping....but i got something in the mail yesterday: emilene actually sent me a card! :roflmfao: beat me to the punch i guess....

    well, im going to mail her card out next week sometime, so if there's any more ladies that would like to contribute to the card for her, please let me know before i put it all together. thanks a bunch!