Thank You For My First "Happy Birthday" Wish

  1. I hurried to my pc at 6:15 this morning so that I could log onto the tPF and my email in order to survey today's deals!! To my delight, I had an email from
    Megs and Vlad wishing me a Happy Birthday!! That's so sweet! Throughout the day, I am certain to get over a dozen calls from my family(8 brothers and sisters and 6 sons-and a husband), each singing to me.......but you guys were the first.
    You made my be honest, you make my day EVERY Day!! Being a part of tPF is my second favorite thing to do. Obviously, my first favorite thing to do is buying purses....and being a part of tPF has enabled me to do that at a fraction of the cost! I thank you. Later today, I will do what I have needed to do, but have procrastinated at thus far. That is to introduce myself to everyone. Last night, I spent some time reading many of the introductions of other members. They were all so delightful. Thanks for allowing me to be part of the "family"!
  2. Happy Birthday! :party:
  3. Happy birthday!!!!!!!!
  4. Awww well we really do care about everyone here!!!! Hope you have an amazing birthday and thank you for the nice compliments!! :heart:
  5. Happy Birthday! Have a magical day!
  6. Happy birthday.
  7. Happy birthday to a fellow North Carolinian!:flowers: