Thank you for authenticity help

  1. I asked for help in the authenticity thread on a Marc Jacobs zip clutch on eBay. The very smart people here helped me determine that it was real and I won it. It was a birthday gift for my daughter-in-law. Her birthday was yesterday and she told me she loves it--it's perfect for her needs and it's exactly what she would have selected for herself. Now she's going to be looking at more Marc Jacobs since she loves the clutch so much!:love:

    I can't thank you enough--the gift was a complete success and we have a new Marc Jacobs fan!:yahoo:
  2. congrats on the zip clutch!! that is my next purchase!!

    are you far from Raleigh boxermom?
  3. Congrats on finding the perfect gift!! What a fun MIL you MIL is awesome, too. Great mother-in-laws are one in a million. :heart:
  4. Hmm... got any extra sons?? LOL...

    Congrats on your new ZC! I wish I could see pics, but as long as your DIL is loving the clutch, I'm happy!
  5. moodysmom--I'm in Southport, s. of Wilmington; about 3 hrs. from Raleigh.

    MPJ--you're so kind! It's not easy for a married woman to deal with difficult in-laws (my in-laws weren't accepting of me), and when my sons married I tried not to interfere, but be supportive and helpful. It's working well between us.

    Without the help of this board, I never could have found an authentic, affordable MJ for her gift. I don't hang out on all the designer forums, just 4-5, but personally I think this is one of the nicest.:yes:
  6. ^^My best friend's MIL is a NIGHTMARE...I think it's hard on both ends! It's hard for moms to accept a new woman in their son's life, and it's hard as a married woman to accept the mom!! :lol: It's nice to know there are some cool MILs out there. :heart:

    And I think this forum is the nicest, too. I've wandered into a few others (I won't name them), but I didn't stay long. The MJ forum is really friendly and and everyone is helpful and sweet.