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  1. Hi all,

    A couple of weeks ago, I was terribly bogged by this dilemma over whether to return my newly-purchased brown WC Speedy 35 in exchange for a Trevi PM. I posted this query on TPF under the title "A Great Dilemma" hoping to garner some advice and consultation from fellow TPFers and most of you responded in favour of the Trevi PM which was what I am leaning for as well. Hence, on a drizzling Saturday morning, I had my WC Speedy packed up and off we went to the local LV boutique from where I had purchased the Speedy. All the SAs were astonished over my decision to return the WC Speedy and some even tried to dissuade me from doing so, citing reasons that it's LE, very sought-after "IT" bag and so and so...... However, I was adamant in my decision since a size 35 doesn't go well with me in terms of body propostion and it would serve no purpose for me to own a LE item if I am not going to have much versatility in using the bag. So, the SA accepted my return and exhanged the Speedy with the Trevi PM after I topped up the extra funds and boy, was I relieved thereafter! It made me realise that I didn't really love the brown WC Speedy and had only bought it to get on the hype surrounding the bag at the time. Don't get me wrong, I'd absolutely psyched to have the WC Speedy in white in size 30 but the brown WC Speedy 35 simply did not work for me. So now, I am the happy:rolleyes:owner of the Trevi PM and I just could not stop admiring its beauty! I thought I might feel reluctance and even pain after returning the Speedy but instead of feeling any ounce of regret, I was so into modelling myself with the Trevi in front of my mirror right after I have got home that I almost forgot that I have parted ways with the Speedy! Gosh, Trevi is such a gorgeous bag and can match with practically all of my wardrobe! I wish I can show you guys some pics but I dun have a good digital cam with me at the moment.

    So, here is a great thank you and appreciation to all you wonderful TPFers who have helped me made a great decision!

    The next bags I am targeted at are the Galliera PM and MC Ursula in white! (Hee hee, my insatiable appetite!) I think I might get my Galliera in September 2008! Oh, I just can't wait!:yahoo:
  2. Congrats - I'm glad it all worked out in the end. That's the euphoria a new bag should bring ! ;)
  3. Congrats Winnie. I think you made the right choice. I rejected the brown WC Speedy 35 too despite the fact I was on the waitlist. The Trevi is definitely a gorgeous bag. Waiting for the pics ;)
  4. Congratulations! =)
  5. congrats, but do you think if that's the wc speedy 30, are you still going to exchange it for trevi? just wondering :smile:
  6. Congratulations!!
  7. glad to hear that all went well! any modelling pics?
  8. Congrats!
  9. Congrats on your Trevi!!
  10. Congrats! I know what it feels like to be on the receiving end of SA's trying to convince you to not return a bag. I went to return a bag once and came back home with it and was so unhappy and confused. I ended up sending the bag with dh to return it so I wouldn't have to worry about SAs talking me into keeping the bag or telling me I was nuts.
  11. I am so happy for you Winnie. I definitely think you made the right decision. I absolutely love the Trevi PM. I have longed for this bag, as well. It is so striking in its style. Maybe one day.........
  12. Thank you all for the congrats. My Trevi says thank you too!;). She is going to make her debut tomorrow to complement with the dress which I am planning to wear to work. :woohoo:

    Spoiledwify, if the WC Speedy was a size 30 in white, it's definitely a keeper for me! I just find the the white WC Speedy in 30 looks more sophisticated and feminine as compared to the brown one which looks more high-street and casual. Now your question has triggered me the idea of sourcing for one white WC Speedy on ebay! Ha ha!

    Sigh!! So many LV bags to buy but so little money!
  13. Go Go search hard for the WC white 30.. I think it is such a pretty bag and perfect size ;)
  14. Congrats!!! happy for you Winnie.
  15. Congrats