thank you everyone- i finally got my lindy

  1. thank you all for patiently giving me so much feedback on your lindy experiences.
    today i went to the riverside square mall to visit the new hermes. just as i read here all the sa's were so nice. i wanted black clemence with phw. i have victoria ft in black clemence with phw; and love it. they didn't have black but had cafe clemence with ghw and i tried it and fell in love. it is 34 cm. i didn't want to make an impulse decision and regret it later so i did some shopping and got coffee and went back to take another look. the more i tried it the more i loved it so she came home with me. and here she is-
    IMG_1286.jpg IMG_1290.jpg IMG_1291.jpg IMG_1295.jpg
  2. I LOVE THAT BAG!!!!

    Congratulations on a beautiful new baby!
  3. I love the color!!!!!!!!!! Congrats:heart::tup:
  4. Gorgeous Lindy :smile: Fabulous
  5. you will love's one of the best bags that I've ever purchased....gorgeous!!
  6. WOW, your new Lindy is gorgeous annie9999
    I think you made a fab choice with the cafe, as you already have a black bag, and I love it with the GHW
  7. Such a beautiful color! Congratulations!
  8. Beautiful!!!! Great choice. I love of color with that bag!!
  9. Such a lovely bag. Use it in good health.
  10. Gah - it's absolutely gorgeous.

    Congrats Annie :drinkup:
  11. she's beautiful!! congrats on finding each other!
  12. PS Beautiful wood! What type is it? I think I spy a butterfly?
  13. She is absolutely gorgeous! Congrats!
  14. love that lindy, the gold hardware is perfect for it.
  15. Gorgeous lindy - congratulations! I saw that exact one in the boutique yesterday, so I know first hand it is great with the gold h/w. The lindys are a fab bag to use. I think you'll love it more and more as you use it.