Thank you--eluxury discount


Believing in Magic
Feb 27, 2006
Thank you to the person that mentioned the eluxury discount (3% via luckymagrewards) a few days ago. That, combined with no tax and free shipping may be just enought of an incentive for me to get another bag!
It at least makes up for the price increase!!
Ladies, ******.com is another site that gives you money back when you shop through their page, it's almost the same as luckymagrewards except the money you get back comes in the form of a check or goes into your paypal and you get the money every 3 months.

PM me if you need more info!
Yes, luckmagrewards gives you 3% of your eluxury purchase back. The "refund" comes in the form of a mastercard gift card that can be used anywhere that mastercard is accepted.

I can't believe that I didn't know about this until I read the post this week! I am forever grateful to whoever posted that....
You can receive the as soon as you have a subscription to lucky magazine (which I did before I even knew about the discounts), and I don't see anything that says it wouldn't work in Canada.
The magazine is fun and a subscription is cheap. If you ask for their best price,you can get the first year for $12.
You can subscribe over the phone and they will give you a lucky numer which allows you to get the discount right away. They send out the gift cards 4 times a year--April, July, October and January.
You also get money back for Target(3%), Bluefly(8%), Neiman Marcus (4%) and a bunch more. I'm getting lots of money back! I love this! You just have to remember to go through the link. I forgot once and cancelled my order and re-placed it. It was a bluefly order and that 8% back is a huge deal!