Thank you coachies, and it does pay to ask!

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  1. I have been lurking around this forum for a few months now. I love Coach and have carried a coach bag since I got out of high school back in the 80's. :smile:

    I want to thank you ladies for your knowledge and for sharing such great information.

    I was at my outlet this afternoon hoping to score a Poppy Tartan plaid tote for my Sister's upcoming birthday and for her leave from Iraq. (she is currently stationed there with the Army)

    I was shopping around and only found the tartan wristlet and zip around wallet. I was bit bummed as I know this is a bag she really wanted. So upon checking out I gathered up the nerve to ask if they had gotten any in. The wonderful SA said they got only 1 and wanted to know if I wanted her to check to see if they still had it. I jumped on that one so fast! It was in the hold bin for an employee, but said employee was not in to give the yes or no on it so they sold it to me!

    Needless to say if it wasn't for the information I have gotten from this board I would not have known to ask about certain bags. Thank you ladies!! My sister is going to be so happy.

    Here is a photo of her lovely goodies and I can't wait for her to come home on leave in March to give them to her.


    My Coach Collection
  2. Nice! I am so glad you got the bag for your sister. It never hurts to ask.
    Oh, and welcome to the forum!
  3. Congrat's, and you are a Great sister...I'm sure she will Love them.....;)Welcome to TPF...
  4. Awesome! Love the set, what a sweet sis you are! She's sure to :heart: it!
  5. WELCOME! CONGRATS! AND what an AWESOME sister you are!!!
    that is a great tote!
    i got it in black patent!
  6. What a nice story all around. So glad you had the courage to ask and the SA pulled it from the bin to sell it to you. Your sister is so deserving of such a nice bag and wristlet and you are so thoughtful to get them for her.:tender:
  7. Congrats!! And this is a classic example of why we cannot get the most wanted bags.. coz the SA's have them already on hold....tough luck for us..
  8. That is a really cute bag!! Your sister will love it! :smile:
  9. That is awesome! I just got the zip around wallet to this bag and am going back for the wristlet tomorrow. She's gonna love it. Glad she'llbe on her way back home.
  10. wow wow wow. great find! I haven't seen any tartan bags at the outlets yet! great job asking the SAs. I always feel like they give me the brush-off whenever I ask about specific items that aren't out on the floor.
  11. Super great find, you are a great sister!
  12. You are a great sister. Your sister is going to love it. Beautiful set..
  13. Not for nothing, but your sister's been serving her country. I can think of nobody more deserving of a break!! I'm glad you asked - you have to come back with your sister's reactiong!!!!!!!!!!! And give sis a "thank you" from ME.


  14. Thank you so much Joannek! I was very scared at first for her to go over there, but this is a choice she made and I am so very proud of my baby sister.

    My Coach Collection
  15. Score!! Can I ask how much? I have asked several times and I call everyday hoping a Tartan Groovy will come in, but they said they wont get anything bigger than the swingpack in! But I will still call everyday! haha