Thank you Boxermom & the Sunshine Committee!!! =)

  1. It was another uneventful afternoon... I was sitting at my cluttered messy desk attempting to get some things done....

    I'm grouchy and stressed and worried about stuff... which is pretty much my mood recently.... The last 9months have been really really tough for me and i'm still coping with alot of stuff.... =(

    Anyway, I get handed a small envelope....

    haven't bought anything recently so I wasn't expecting any small envelopes... and then I opened it and saw ....


    Sent by none other than our loving and wonderful Boxermom!!!

    I just had this HUGE SMILE on my face....:love: and was sooo touched!! It really made my day!! BTW, i LOVE PURPLE!!!

    She sent me a really cute bookmark!! gosh i LOVE IT!! it's got cute bags and shoes on it!!


    2 cute note pads


    2 Hermes perfumes - which is PERFECT because just a few days ago i was thinking about how I'd like to have some perfume!! these are my first H items!! SO if i get into the H habit, it's going to be all Boxermom's fault!!


    THANK YOU BOXERMOM and the Sunshine Committee!!!
    Thanks for thinking of me, i appreciate it so much!! :girlsigh:

    Card.JPG Front of Card.JPG Da Whole Package! small.JPG Notepads.JPG Bookmark.JPG
  2. How absolutely lovely! Those gals are so sweet - glad your day got better!
  3. The gifts are lovely. Well done, Sunshine Committee, and especially boxermom, one of my fave people here!
  4. thats so sweet of them!
  5. awww, thats so sweet of them :smile:
  6. So sweet of boxermom! :tender: I love reading about the sunshine commitee's surprises!
  7. How cool !!
  8. How thoughtful and nice!! There are some really amazing people on here!
  9. Awww how sweet!
  10. How sweet! Glad some special people were able to perk up your day!
  11. You're very welcome, Bubbles. Mary gave us the spark to spread sunshine. I'm glad your day was brightened.
  12. oh WOW! Thats so nice :biggrin:
  13. Fabulous gifts Bubbles!! I love the sunshine committee!
  14. oh what a great suprise I so love your bookmark and NEED one!!