Thank you aprilvalentine, my red jumbo is here

  1. I love it, and can't thank aprilvalentinve enough!!! She gave up her jumbo red caviar and I was lucky enough to snag it. I also got the Thomas Wylde Oxford bag and really like the contrast.

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  2. please tell us this was on eBay?
  3. she gave it up, at Saks?

    Just making sure. . . people see she gave it up and you have it and they complain to me that you guys are buying and selling here, thanks for clearing it up!:yes:
  4. Sweet finds. Love the red!
  5. Awesome! That was so nice of her to let it go so you could get it. Congratulations!:yahoo:
  6. SO pretty!My fave color!!
  7. gorgeous red jumbo congrats :smile:
  8. So happy for you! Glad you love it.
    Swanky - Not to worry, I had my Saks SA hook her up with my place on the list.
  9. Oh, nice color.
  10. OMG that is TDF!!! You are going to give people whiplash walking with that down the street.
  11. congrats, awesome colour. Also a great TPF hookup.
  12. gorgeous bag! congrats, and that's so sweet of aprilvalentine!
  13. Wow gorgeous! And the Wylde bag at 50% off is SUCH a good deal too.
  14. Both bags are GORGEOUS!! Enjoy them...