Thank you, all you sweet H ladies!

  1. I just wanted to say a big thank you to everyone who has emailed or PMed me this weekend to wish me a happy birthday--all your kind wishes and words have really made me think twice about my original intentions to ignore this particular b-day, LOL!

    And of course, to keep this on topic for the Hermes forum, I'll share my new gifts:
    I got a lovely black Clemence Evelyne II GM with PHW (gift from my DH), as well as that darling Biblioteque (sp?) pochette in browns (gift from my BFF). I also got a sweet new iPhone, but that didn't come from Hermes, of course. That one was a gift from myself :p

    I'll post pics later on, but at the moment my camera is charging.
  2. Happy Birthday Cynthia!!! I am glad you had such a wonderful birthday and cannot wait to see your new H goodies!!!! They sound wonderful!
  3. Happy Birthday!! I'm so sorry I missed your name on the Birthday list.....a belated many happy returns of the day!
  4. happy birthday, cynthia! your birthday haul sounds wonderful! can't wait to see pics!
  5. Happy birthday, Cynthia!! I'm glad it was good and that tPFers got to be part of it.
  6. Happy birthday!!! Every birthday is special and deserves to be celebrated. So happy for you with all the prezzies and can't wait for the pic.s!!! Many happy returns xoxo
  7. A very happy birthday Cynthia :heart:
  8. Happy Birthday Cynthia.
  9. happy happy birthday!! sounds like amazing and wonderfull gifts to me!
  10. CONGRATS on the gifts, Cyn, and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!
  11. Happy Birthday!! Can't wait to see the beautiful gifts!
  12. Happy bday. I can't wait to see the gifts.
  13. :heart:Happy Birthday, C!!!!!:heart:
  14. Happy birthday Cynthia! Great gifts! :love:
  15. And many more!!!! (Birthdays and Bags!)