Thank you all for the CL Decolette 868 Info.

  1. I posted on Sat. about how small and uncomfortable my 868's were.

    I wasen't aware that they run small. Thank God I was able to find them in a size 9. So they should be here any day now.

    THANK YOU, to everyone who informed me. Otherwise, I would have been walking around trying to stretch out my size 8's.

    Hopefully the 9's will fit! (I'm praying they do) Because this shoe is soo sexy! Haha! I love them.

    Thanks again.:yahoo::yahoo::yahoo:
  2. your welcome. That's what we are all here for. Post pics when you get them!
  3. i'm thinking of getting a pair of black decolletes and my usual size is 37, my SA told me they run small and suggested i take 37.5 to 38, i'm not sure how small it runs and what size i should take, are they really that small and uncomfortable?
  4. My usual CL size is a 37-37.5. I got the brown patent Decollette 878 in a 37. It was the size on display and felt fine. I do not wear the shoe for long periods of time or for long city walks, so I do not feel the torturous pain people have attested to. I think because it was the display size it got broken in for me. I did try the next size up, the 37.5 and it kept slipping off my heel, so I stuck with the 37.

    When I tried the tiger print decollette in a 37, it felt much stiffer and narrower than my brown patent ones. The cut literally felt much more narrow. Just goes to show how erratic CL sizes are. Same shoe, same size, both patent leather, but more pain.

    I do know for the decolzeppa I had to have a 37.5. They were the luggage colored ones with wooden platform and since they didn't wow me and I didn't see a wardrobe need for them, I returned them.
  5. Yes they are uncomfortable. I'm a 6 and I took a 6.5 in those. 20 minutes later my toes were NUMB. not kidding. the 37 in the decollete 868 was perfect. it would slip off at times but its better than my toes being all squished in there. I took a 37 in the decollete zeppa (like lavender) and they were perfect. I would suggest you take a 38 if you want extra room in the toe box area.
  6. ^^ thanks ladies, you've been a great help!

    looks like the decolletes i'll be getting are the ones with no platform stack wood (is that version called decollete zeppa?) right? i might go for the patent rolandos instead, but i've always wanted a pair of decolletes lol, i hardly walk that much since i drive alot, but i figured i shouldn't get a pair of heels that would kill me and knowing myself, i probably would blacklist them, what a waste!
  7. haha yeah my toes get numb in these shoes =( i'm a 5.5 regularly and ordered a 5.5 b/c i didn't want my heel slipping...