Thank you all for the Betsey Good Girl Advice!

  1. Well, thanks to everyone's great advice- I purchased the Medium Good Girl bag in black. I am stoked! It just got here:yahoo:. I even got suckered into buying the matching wallet (not that I need another wallet, but it needs to match, right:P ?!). You all were so right- the medium is the perfect size. And it certainly was heavy- much heavier than I imagined but not unbearable. I think the large size have been ridiculous heavy and way too big. So I just wanted to say "Thank you" to everyone who gave me such great advice!!!
    PS- it was really cute: when I showed the purse to my husband he said- "wow, that is so cool, way trendier than I would have though you'd pick." I'm in law school and I need something to spice up the Brooks Brothers I have to wear to the firm. Fun bags and fun shoes to punch-up the conservative suits!
  2. Congrats, woodstock! Any pics, please?