Thank you AGAIN Sunshine Committee!!!!!!!!!

  1. So I have been away in Florida for the past 3 weeks. It was supposed to be a relaxed trip, but it was quite stressful with my brother being very sick and many appointments to attend. So... anyhow... I am still totally in shock about my birthday present, the most stunning bag ever!!

    But today I got back to my place and saw a box... and in the box an array of gifts from more people for my birthday!!!!! I was staring at it wondering what I have done to deserve this all, but all I can say is THANK YOU ALL!!! From the bottom of my heart!

    I will have pics to come... but I need to unpack and find my camera!

    Just wanted to say thank you :yahoo::heart::heart:
  2. The Sunshine Committee is a wonderful group!!!

    Where in Florida did you visit? Just curious because I live in South Florida. Sorry to hear about your brother...hope he gets better.

    But glad you're back, and I can't wait to see pics of your presents!
  3. ^ Ft Lauderdale :yes: It is where my parents live! Where are you in SoFla?
  4. Pompano Beach, just north of Fort Lauderdale...Wow, we were so close without even knowing it!
  5. Prayers to your brother!
  6. Oh yes!! Well that is where Vlad and I are moving back (Ft Lauderdale). Maybe we can have a south Florida meet up!
  7. The Sunshine commitee really are great people!! I hope your brother is feeling better!
  8. I'm sorry to hear about your brother, Megs. Prayers to him and your family.

    BTW, eons ago, I graduated from Pompano Beach High School. My friends and I spent a lot of fun time in Ft. Lauderdale. I remember when the movie, Where the Boys Are, was filmed there. I guess it's not as big a spring break destination now.
  9. I hope your brother gets better soon Meg, I'll send some positive thoughts his way!

    PS - Happy belated birthday!
  10. prayers for your brother Megs...

    and belated happy birthday too!
  11. That'll be great!!!
  12. Megs, sorry to hear about your brother, hope he's better now.
  13. Hope your brother gets well!

    I used to vacation in Panama City - the Redneck Riveria as we called it then. I went to high school in south Alabama.

    I love reading the John D. Macdonald books with Travis McGee. They describe the Florida I remember. When I go there now I hardly recognize it. I guess the Carl Hiaasen books are more up to date - they describe how overdeveloped it is becoming. Depressing and wickedly funny at the same time.
  14. i'm so glad you are still loving your H bag! I love how all of us tPFers can come together and do something special or someone so special what a place
  15. wooo Sunshine Committee!!!!!! Happy Belated Bday again, Megs!!!