Thank the TROOPS!!

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  1. Thanks Tracy! What a great site!!! I sent a note to all our troops and a message to my brother. I hope he reads it!

    They need to hear that we care. Thanks again!
  2. i also sent a note. it's the least i can do. i know how hard it might be for them spending so much time away from family and love ones, especially since my brother is in the navy and my youngest brother is in the army. they are all missed.
  3. Thought this would be a good place to post this idea. My dh is national guard and he comes home on occasion to tell me that while in line at a fast food drive through, sometimes the car ahead will pay for his lunch after noticing his uniform.
    He's always very touched by this and I try to watch for it as well and do the same for others I see in uniform behind me.
    It's such an inexpensive and thoughtful gesture, I think, and I know my dh thinks it's touching.
  4. Wow, that's a sweet idea. And it reminds me that I've been meaning to write to my cousin, who is over there right now, so I will do that today.
  5. Thank you Tracy, what an awesome site!!!
  6. Thanks for posting. I don't know anyone serving overseas, but I sent a note anyway.

  7. Isn't that great! I've tried to do that at the grocery store actually and the service people never let me. *sigh*

    I sent a note too! Thanks for sharing the site. :yes:
  8. Thanks Tracy. What a cool site! Very thoughtful.
  9. Thank you Tracy for being this into awareness. :smile:
  10. bump for those who haven't seen this............