Thank God You're Here

  1. This looks really funny!

    The Australian sketch comedy hit comes to America! Watch as each episode's celebrity guests do their best to improvise in comedic sketches they know nothing about. They must do and say random things because they won't have a script.

    Episode 101:
    Watch as Jennifer Coolidge (Best in Show), Bryan Cranston (Malcolm In The Middle), Wayne Knight (3rd Rock From The Sun) and Joel McHale (The Soup) are thrown into crazy scenarios as they walk through the door and are greeted with, "thank God you're here". With no scripts and no preparation, can the celebrities step outside of their comfort zones and provide humor without anyone telling them what to say?
  2. I kept switching back and forth with this. I think its a good premise. I saw Mo'nique and Kevin Nealon.
  3. I liked it for the most part. Not SUPER funny but definitely kept me watching!
  4. I was really excited about this show but the first episode was a bit of a let-down! I thought it was going to be all improv - but when Mo'nique came out and would give them answers, the actors would just say no and give her the "right" answer. Kevin Nealon's was funny because the actors just played along with whatever he said. The third guy (who just wants to be called Steve) was just annoying, but there's not much more he could've done with the situation he was given. And Evie was surprisingly good, but still tame overall. I think this would have been great with comedians who have some improv training. I am really hoping other episodes are better.
  5. i thought Kevin Nealon should have won, not Mo'nique. She stumbled & paused too much, her skit was too awkward. i really like this show though, i can't wait to see jason alexander.
  6. I liked it