Thank God I found this site! LV Question

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  1. I am going to get a LV Alma but I am not sure which style I should get, the monogram or the damier. Which is the more "in" style. I'd hate to spend 800 on a bag that's 'out of style' lol

    Thanks ladies.
  2. I am not an Alma fan, but I think it's nicer in the Damier. I don't like the mono because (1) I think it's a more 'mature' style and (2) all the vachetta in the bottom to care for.
  3. I don't like Alma personally, but I do think it's loads better in the Damier very classy! Welcome!!
  4. I'd say the Damier too because its not as copied as the mono.
  5. i agree
  6. Damier alma
  7. Daimer!
  8. damier - that pic you've got there is gorgeous
  9. and the majority has spoken!
    i heart the damier so much. its a little more classier than the monogram. i wouldn't wear it much but it'll feel good to know it's in the closet waiting for me
  10. i have the monogram one.... it's a classic sure, but it ages...... however, i have one in the black epi and i love that. the leather is timeless, so is the bag.... and it doesn't show it's age. ;~)
  11. Definitely Damier. The Alma is GORGEOUS in Damier.
  12. Out of those two choices I'd go for Damier.
  13. thanks ladies
  14. Damier! The Alma in Damier is on my 06 "most wanted" list! :nuts:
  15. Love the Damier Alma!! Are you going to get it soon?