Thandie Newton

  1. Thandie Newton arrives at the world film premiere of 'RocknRolla', at Odeon West End on September 1, 2008 in London, England
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  2. She always looks great
  3. She has unique looks
  4. i love her, she's so beautiful and a great actress
  5. I wish she'd smile more with teeth, her lips are always tightly pursed. She's even more gorgeous with her pearlies showing.
  6. She's gorgeous.
  7. I usually love her style, but I am just not feeling that dress.
  8. She's gorgeous!
  9. I think she's got a unique taste in clothes... I've seen some pictures of her with clothes that most people wouldn't think of wearing but she manages to pull them off very well!
  10. The dress looks good... from the side. I don't like the huge slits in the front.
  11. She is such a stunning looking woman. I think she is gorgeous :smile:
  12. Very pretty lady. Great cheekbones.
  13. Beautiful.
  14. I love her. Not crazy about the dress though.
  15. I also :heart: Thandie Newton! She's absolutely gorgeous, and I usually love her style, must admit this outfit's not very nice though... (slits & sandals)