Thandie Newton - Run, Fat Boy, Run premiere in LA - 24.03.2008

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  2. she looks absolutely regal. and what an odd name for a movie!
  3. She's such a gorgeous woman, and she looks fabulous in this color.
  4. Such a pretty woman!
  5. I've always thought she was so beautiful.
  6. I don't care for Ms. Newton. I've read a couple of interviews that she's done, and she acts like her SDS. Yes, she's attractive, but to me, attitude is everything.

  7. she pretty... seldom seen her on movie after james bond..
  8. oh i love her... she looks v pretty in pink!
  9. She looks stunning!! I love her, although I did seem to think she was way too skinny in the movie Crash!
  10. I think she is GORGEOUS!!! I love her!!!

    The dress is beautiful!
  11. she is sooo pretty!
  12. she looks great. That color is awesome on her. I think she is gorg
  13. I think she's so pretty love the colours she chose for the premier!
  14. I don't see much of her but she's very pretty!
  15. She's so gorgeous!