Thalia Wedge Sold Out!

  1. I called Coach yesterday to order this shoe and I can't believe it's already sold out. The representative I spoke to was really nice, he told me that the shoe hasn't been canceled, but the system didn't say when or if they would be getting more. I'm really hoping they'll get more.

    Has anyone had any experience with an item selling out and Coach getting more in stock at a later date?

  2. Yeah - the Large Kahki Saddle Carly. I had it backordered for almost a month!
  3. Macy's or Dillards may have this shoe. I saw it in my local department store. ;)
  4. Unfortunately Coach doesn't restock shoes once they sell out (or so I was told by Jacksonville). Try a department store ...
  5. Thank you I will try Macys
  6. Those are gorgeous I hope you can find them!
  7. oh man, how did i miss those?!
  8. Those are too cute, but they seem extra high! I'm pretty sure I would injure myself in those!
  9. i dont think they came out yet... they just came out in the darn catalogue and the SAs in the store told me its available in June
  10. aww really, they're sold out? oh man, I just got the new catalog in the mail and this was the only thing that jumped out at me...I don't usually buy expensive shoes but I REALLY LIKE there...

    has anyone seen these in Macy's? erf. I want!
  11. i dont think they came out yet... my SA told me they re coming out in June and never came out before
  12. oh btw i saw one in the coach store on madison and 57th in manhattan, but it was navy... looks like it came out last year with the resort line.. it was the only one in size 5.5
  13. Very cute shoes! Man!
  14. Funny that you saw them. I bought that very pair before reading your post during PCE. I was told they were likely the only pair left in the company and likely because most ppl can't fit a 5.5. Strangely enough, the 5.5 was too BIG (I have a never ending problem with finding my size)! But I was determined to make them fit and tried putting insoles etc to no avail.

    I ended up returning them yesterday after pestering the SAs multiple times to try and look in the system for an indigo 5 with no luck. Everyone that saw them the time I bought them and when I returned them fawned over them and I was so upset that I had to return them. But when I got home, I saw a 5 on eBay which was going for around retail once shipping was factored in! Hope these fit!

    But Im also wondering whether it's possible that the heel of the shoe is too shallow rather than a size issue? Has anyone had this problem?

    Sorry for the essay...but am really excited that I was able to "refind" the shoes I thought I'd lost.
  15. there are some at Nordstroms at the providence place mall...i thought about ordering some but decided against it