Thalassa Blue

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  1. Do you pronounce it like it looks? Any pics? I think I'm in love, and I'm not a blue girl.......

    I think I know the colour of my 5th Hermes bag.........uh oh.......

    (got to get the other three, first!!!)
  2. it's pronounced Tah-Law-suh :smile:
  3. I would love to see pics of this colour too. It was gigi leung who first raised my awareness of such a colour but I have yet to see it.
  4. Kristie, here's a pic of Thalassa in Chevre Mysore.
    Birkingal has a gorgeous Birkin 30 in Thalassa Chevre de Coromandel. You can see it in her avatar.
  5. thanks OT!!!! You always come to the rescue with such beautiful pictures!! Birkingals birkin is divine!!!!
  6. YW, Kristie! I adore birkingal's Thalassa Birkin 30!
  7. Birkingal, hope you don't mind me posting your beautiful bag here for all to see. Saves each and everyone checking out the picture on your member's profile. :smile:

    Insurance Hermes Birkin 30.jpg

    The colour is lovely! A more mature colour compared to the Blue Jean.

    Question : is Thalassa Blue better suited as a day bag than a night bag?
  8. yes...this is why I like it, too!
  9. It is a gorgeous shade! :tender:
  10. birkingal s/o'd hers from my boutique with a lot of hassle........they'll kill me if I order one, too!! (i'm thinking a kelly, though).
  11. ohh I love this color!
  12. Gorgeous color! Go for it Kristie!
  13. Nuts, OT I can't see your pics?
  14. Hiya jag, I put it back up just for you! *flowers*
  15. I'd love this in a Kelly, Kristie! Good choice!
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