Thalassa Blue

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  1. Moviegirl's Kelly is the reason for this thread.:graucho:

    So......thalassa blue... Is it back??:nuts: Really??? And in what leathers? I know it came in epsom, boxcalf, and chevre but I kinda recall someone here had a thalassa blue clemence bag as well. Is it available for podium order or is it SO only? Anyone heard anything? Anything at all about this colour recently?
  2. I hear you... i've been looking for Thalassa blue myself.. such a gorgeous color!!
  3. I bought a little something in Thalassa Blue in epsom in April from FSH so it's back. At that time it was only in epsom.

    I'll see if I can get an update. It is a truly divine colour.
  4. It's such a beautiful colour. And I sure hope it is back. I asked my manager and she said she doesn't have the information that it's back. If it is, all the managers will get to hear of it at the podium.
  5. Can you please explain to this newbie what a podium order means vs special order?
  6. Thalassa is so beautiful and classy!
  7. Wow, what a fantastic color!
  8. Thalassa is, as Serenity says, available in epsom.

    I have a piece ( Kelly 32) in clemence and love it. Searched high and low and bought it in a private sale. Would love a clemence Birkin in Thalassa....:love:
  9. I wish for Paris to produce Thalassa Blue in other leathers.

    The only Thalassa Blue I have is in Box Calf, in a Kelly and she is a few years old.
  10. Thallassa Blue Picotin in Clemence coming right up!!!

  11. Thalassa blue is a gorgeous reminds me as a fresh alternative to Blue Jean. :smile:
  12. WOW! Gorgeous, Q'sM!!

  13. OK, her's Thalassa Blue in Box ( any excuse to show her off!:p)LOL! She's also a few years old though....
  14. Duna, she is gorgeous!:heart: