Thalassa Blue

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  1. I am starting to like this color over the Blue jean. It is a bit darker but more elegant. I was gonna change my preference to Thalassa blue until the other day when I was talking to my SA, she told me this color is discontinued. :Push: :sad: :wacko:

    Does anyone else know about this?? :wondering Why do they have to do this??? I mean it is such a pretty color... :evil: :cry: :cry:
  2. I haven't heard this at all... but ususally when they discontinue something, they come up with some sort of replacement.
  3. How could it be? That's my fav color!!!
  4. Actually it was introduced as a limited color, to commemorate something. It's one of my favorite colors too. I can't find ANYTHING in Thalassa at the boutiques anymore. I tried bags, wallets, and even watch bands. I got nada.:cry:
  5. That's odd 'cause when I was in Hermès just a few days ago I told my SA that I would like my next bag (after the brown) to be some kind of blue (I have mixed feelings about BJ) and she suggested Thalassa blue which is gorgeous both in Box calf and in Togo/Clemence. She also showed me various items, watch straps, agendas ecc.. in Thalassa in different leathers. So I hope it's not being discontinued 'cause I want it...!:biggrin:
  6. HermesBB, this is OT. I can't find the thread where you posted a pic of you carrying your plume. I wanted to let you know that I think a 30cm Birkin will look perfect & fabulous on you! :smile:
  7. Sorry, gigi, what is OT?

    Here is the picture of my 28 plume:


    Thanks for ur suggestion. I showed it a while ago and people suggested me that 30 would be a good size for me. And luckily not long after that post, i got my 30 :lol: :lol:
  8. Your plume looks like a nice size for a 28?? I have a 30 birkin - so you feel it's comparable?? I think I want a plume next - do you love yours and use it often?

    p.s. your shoes look absolutely adorable! Love animal prints!
  9. That bag looks terrific on you!
  10. Shoe: Yes, it is a 28. I have the picture here for ur comparison:
    My 28 plume and 30 birkin


    To me the birkin cannot completely replace my plume. I love plume for its low-key style.

    I cannot tell exactly what, but there is something about the plume that is quite different from birkin.

    I think u will love it. It is also a very classic piece.

    PS Thanks u for ur compliments, Those are manolos. I love animal prints as well but i don't want to wear them all over :smile: .

    I will try to take some close up shots tomorrow.
  11. ^HermesBB - love your birkin! Is that black or chocolate?

    By the way, OT=Off Topic.

    Did you post pix of your birkin anywhere? I agree with the plume, it is low key. I'm thinking of one in orange! :o)
  12. The thread titled: !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!My luckiest day !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! is HermeBB's thread! Her Birkin is so beautiful! :love:
  13. Hi, addicted. Thanks for the info.:biggrin:

    Yes, i posted my birkin in another thread. Here is the link:

    It is a chocolate bicolor box 30.

    Oh, that is great, i once saw a plume in orange. It is soooooo pretty. :love:
    However, the one i saw was a mini size, which is too small for me.
    I don't see plume in orange often. If u do see one, definitely snap it :lol: :nuts:
  14. Thank u so much diana. :biggrin: :biggrin: :love: I love ur rouge H as well. That is also one of my favorite color :love: It goes well with anything. So classic :lol: :smile:
  15. The Plume is a lovely bag, very understated. Mine is a 32 Rouge H box, I bought it in '94 so it has that nice patina that old box has. I :love: it...:biggrin: