Thalassa Blue Kelly & the one great story that makes it all so special

  1. Sorry ladies that I didn't respond to your request for 'the' story earlier. I was saving for the best part of the story, a conclusion I wanted to have.

    I am reposting the photos you have already seen in the Members' Items thread as well as the Hermes in action thread.



    I knew from awhile back that Thalassa Blue has been discontinued and could only enjoy its beauty from the photos that I'd kept, which I often looked at. The more I looked at the colour, the more I was convinced it had to be in box calf and I was also very certain I liked it better in a Kelly (and it must be sellier) than a Birkin.

    When the opportunity arose to acquire this lovely bag that is almost impossible to find now, I jumped at it. It was a hot chase and I encountered some obstacles (I shall spare you all the nitty gritty details). I was so helpless and lost sleep trying to iron out the logistics (due to the time difference with the US as well as some other personal decisions that had to be considered). I was so desperate I buzzed the person I felt was the best chance to lend me a helping hand. And that lovely person is shopmom. :love: :flowers: I was over the moon when she agreed to help. She needn't have to help me but she did. She went out of her way to make sure I got the bag.

    And then she had it Fedexed over to me via International Priority, and I received it within days.

    What shopmom did for me was priceless. A gesture that I know not many people are capable of. She only had good intentions for me. I wanted to show her my appreciation the Hermes way, and spent the last few days deliberating over my options. Then I found her the perfect gift I wanted her to have ..... a scarf that changes colour in the light.


    I have been waiting for the scarf to reach shopmom and it finally has, this morning. See her in the Hermes in Action thread .... :flowers:

  2. What a very "BEAUTIFUL & TOUCHING STORY"....Thanks for sharing, and what a great bunch of people we have on the Purse Forum, and

    ***Standing ovation, Clapping LOUD****for Shopmom and your fantastic present for her!!!!

    Thanks for sharing and I saw her wearing that "COOL" scarf!!!:heart:
  3. ^^ Thank you! And I think more posts like yours would surely make shopmom's day.:P :heart: :flowers: She is really one amazing human being.:wlae:
  4. that's some Hermes Love!! What a touching story!! thank you for sharing!

    and SHOPMOM, YOU DID IT AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *clap clap clap*
  5. No better enabler and facilitator than good ole' D!!!!
  6. :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: Fabulous story, gorgeous bag, wonderful scarf and terrific ladies!!! :flowers: :flowers:
  7. That's such a great story. There are some truly special people on this forum and shopmom is certainly one of them.
  8. What a lovely story! Shopmom, you're the best! I find that your personality really comes across in your posts. A kind and generous spirit.
  9. that's a great story!! hooray for getting your dream kelly and for shopmom's wonderful assistance!!!!
  10. :blush: oh dear......thank you. :shame:

    thing is.....this bag was MADE for Mrssparkles....she totally ROCKS it! There had to be a way and we found it! The thought that someone so far away completely trusted me still amazes me. I am so glad I was able to help, S. :flowers:

    (the scarf is beyond TDF.....I'll be playing with ways to wear it tonight!!:love: )
  11. What a beautiful story and a gorgeous bag!!! Congrats
  12. So glad you finally shared that beauty!!! Shopmom is the sweetest.

    Have you had much of a chance to wear it out yet?
  13. What a lovely story and experience! MrsS, congrats on your gorgeous bag! Shopmom, the cooties must be gone now!!! Great karma for all...
  14. this is such a great example of what tPF means to so many of us. It is NOT just another chat site. Shopmom you're amazing to help a fellow member just because and mrss you are such a great person to think of such a special way to say thanks. I love it here.
  15. Here's to you both Shopmom & MrsS. How wonderful that fellow PFers can help eachother out to acquire such special Hermes bags. A lovely story.