Thakoon Sunglasses?

  1. I've never heard of this brand....I just found it on sale (168). I originally was looking for chanel 6006, but I don't know where to locate one! Or get something from Tom Ford
    What do you guys think of this? yay or nay?
  2. Have a look for the Tom Ford Porfirio, Laurent or Ford
  3. They are a bit severe across the top. Rather hard to pull off, I think, unless you want a quirky look.

    Chanel sunglasses aren't sold online (by authorized retailers) but Tom Ford is!
  4. Thanks~ I think it'll be better for me to just go to Saks and try Tom Ford and Chanels on in person
  5. Chanel 6006.

    eBay like I told you. lol or call the 1-800 Chanel number (might want to look it up on their website)

    they will locate it for you...

    oh and nay on the sunglasses