Thakoon for target and Dean Harris for target on Clearance

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  1. Thanks for the post....did not realize that Thakoon was on clearance already! Sadly the dresses I have been looking for over 3 weeks now are OOS:sad:
  2. wow, that's fast.
  3. check out your local target to see. In my local target they had many items left and on clearance. You might get lucky. Trust me, it pays to go to target very often to get what you want at the price that you want.
  4. Thanks!
  5. i'll have to swing by target tomorrow. does anyone know if these ______ for target lines run as small as target's own lines normally run? i always have to buy a size or two up when i buy from target, but i don't know if this will be different.
  6. yay thx for sharing.
  7. The Dean Harris Jewelry is now 75% at my local Target
  8. well, at my target, some of the thakoon stuff is on clearance, and some is not. despite the shirt i've been wanting not being on clearance, i bought it anyway as a birthday gift to myself... if it goes on clearance, i can always price adjust, right?
  9. Target actually does not do price adjustments on clearance, instead you have to buy another and return the one you have.
  10. aaahhhh, good to know! thanks! hopefully my size doesn't sell out before it gets reduced lower... :dots: