Thai massage..hurt so good!


Sep 25, 2006
I got my first professional massage today..
This will be a must do as often as possible.

I live in Los Angeles, my pilates teacher (female) recommended
this cheap ($42) Thai place..
Burke Williams it wasn't, but I didn't care..
I wanted a deep tissue massage, as my back and shoulders
have been stiff for weeks..I don't care about scented candles and avacado facials..
I checked out the reviews on
(great resource, along with citysearch)..
reviews seemed real, so I give it a shot..

Place was quiet..rooms were about the size of of tanning bed rooms..
In walks this little mature fragile looking lady,
and she killed hurt so good..
she had hands like a man's.
And she really ironed out the knots..

My back is relaxed now..I feel so much better.

The point of this post is..
don't think all Thai message places are sleazy.
This one was clean and professional..
and cheap!


(maybe this should've been posted under 'health and fitness'..)