Thai blogshop CHICSHOWCASE / Reliable?

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  1. Hi Ladies!

    Need you advice. There's a bag that this blogshop is selling which I am absolutely in love with! Anyone here has experience with them? Are they reliable in terms of authenticity and accuracy of description on the condition of their bags?

    Much thanks!
  2. never heard of them...there is a list of all the reputable websites somewhere on the forum. try doing a search
  3. I've searched but it's not in the I am a little worried...
  4. My friends used to buy some bags from her. They are authentic. She buys all bags from Europe. I think she is a stewardess.
  5. hi sukiyaki, thanks for your information. I emailed her, she seems nice and good in communication too. :smile:
  6. I am in Thailand now and just got 2.55 reissue matte black and jumbo navy blue. I spent a lot of money this month:crybaby::cry:
  7. oh you are buying those bags from chicshowcase?
  8. No, from weloveshopping. There are many shops in weloveshopping.
  9. weloveshopping is just like an ebay platform? and there are many sellers using this platform to sell and chicshowcase is just one of them?

    Hmm....Did you/ your friend buy from chicshowcase before or just welovehospping?
  10. My friend bought from chicshowcase but I bought from other sellers in weloveshopping. She cannot find jumbo navy blue with gold and I found it from the other seller. Did you ask her about shipping worldwide? I read about the detail, there is a little bit color transfer as shown on pictures. If you like it, go for it.