Tha Azur is growing on me....

  1. Anyone feels the same way? At first I thought it looked sickly .....After having seen it 3x at the LV boutique, I cannot stop thinking about it. Macy's at NYC requires 50% down to reserve a bag, apparently, it is HOT! HOT!HOT!

    Is anyone here good with photoshop? I want to see what the speedy 30 looks like with patina. One SA suggested it might make the bag even more appealing. I wonder....:confused1:
  2. there are already several threads with images of a photoshopped Azur speedy with a patina. I hope someone will chime in with where to find those particular threads. I must say, that bag looks even prettier IMO with the patina!
  3. There are other threads on this where others have photoshopped it. Try doing a search! :yes: