TGM Evelyne

  1. Just came back from the store with my new TGM Evelyne 2 in Taurillon Clemence!:smile:
  2. Congrats!!! Pls post pics soon!! We'd love to see it!!!
  3. pics!!!

  4. oh you lucky thing... i am on the hunt for one... what colour did you get?
  5. How big is a TGM??? Can't wait to see pics!
  6. Or not... Sorry -first time posting photos.

  7. yayyy congrats!!!!:yahoo: :heart:
  8. YUM!!! She's gorgeous! What are dimensions? Can you model her for us?
  9. Lovely!
  10. Love it!! Congrats!!
  11. Can't model. My photographer (i.e., my brother) left. But dimensions are:

    15" W
    3-1/2" D

    I'm 5"7", and the PM and GM straps were always too short for me. I was told to SO a strap would take 6 months. This slings perfectly across the hip. This was the only all leather one. They had a few leather/canvas.
  12. This deserves a bump to yht top spot on our threads! Good for you...lovely purchase. Enjoy!
  13. Thank you, Kellybag!