T'Georgianos 20% Discount Code

  1. I wrote to T'Georgianos this week to inquire about promo codes and received a most delightful reply from Tatyana Sharoubim. She was eager to offer any member of tPF a 20% discount on the T'Georgianos site. This discount would apply to both regular price and sale merchandise. To obtain the discount code, you would need to either call or email her. I did notice when looking over their handbags, that they appear not to be on sale until you actually add one to your cart and proceed to the checkout. Then the price of the bag drops 40%!!! Some of the shoes that I looked at appeared to be discounted as well, even though none of these items appeared under the sale column. On top of that, you can decrease the price further by writing to her for the 20% discount code. Great Deal!!!

    If anyone is interested, the contacts are as follows:

    Tatyana Sharoubim
    T.Georgianos, LLC
    T 941 870 3727
    F 941 870 3761
  2. This site did not open for me. :confused1:
  3. Computers are strange sometimes!! Try it again...


    They have a cute Linea Pelle Bone Dakota Speedy reduced to $211.20, and if you email her for the 20% code, it will be less than $170!