TFP SG meet? :)

  1. Anyone up for any sg meet? :yes:
  2. :sweatdrop:deleted
  3. :huh: hmm
  4. pardon my blurness but why deleted?! :confused1: no response?

    I am ok for meetup in Dec if it really happens :supacool:
  5. Ohhhh tpf members in Singapore! Yay! I'll be back from Korea/HK on Dec 15th. Sounds fun.
  6. any TPF SG members out there wanna meet?
  7. I wanna join in the meet-up, if there is any.
    Do PM me alright.. ;)
  8. hmmm, has anyone in Sg met up yet ??

    I thought we could do one soon :heart:
  9. haha i dun mind joining!!!