tfp Meeting in Los Angeles Area or Orange County?

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  1. Greeting to all tPFers! Im new to the forum and would def love to you all in the LA or OC area :nuts: if you interested, please post any ideas for a get-together...also include times available:wlae: hope to see you there!
  2. I'm about a 2 hour drive from OC. LA is a little far. Let me know if you get a date/place arranged.
  3. sure no prob =]
  4. So funny to see this I was just thinking" how come they never meet in LA?". That would be great, I'm available for pretty much any date and time:yes:
  5. i'm a new member and in la also. beverly center or rodeo drive anyone?? ;) keep me updated!

  6. Sounds good to me. Name the place and time.
  7. Please let me know too. Thanks!
  8. Hi I will be home from grad school mid june so if you guys are still meeting up in that area let me know :smile:
  9. ummm, i'm landing around lunchtime on Aug 3... :o) would be nice to meet up with some of ya!!! :o)
  10. I'd love to join! I'm free on the weekends and I'm up for either the OC or LA.
  11. I'll be around from mid-June!
  12. I would luv to meet you all. Let me know the details:smile:
  13. Is there a volunteer already for setting this up? I'll help volunteer if needed but I don't want to head the whole thing alone. ;)
  14. I would be willing to help organize
  15. Beljwl- You want to do this together?
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