Texting while driving in WA state now illegal!

  1. From king5.com...

    Drivers who read and compose text messages could face a $124 ticket. If texting while driving leads to a car accident, the ticket can increase to $175. The bill makes texting while driving a secondary offense, meaning drivers could receive a ticket only if they were pulled over for a primary offense such as speeding or running a red light.

    here's the video newsclip...
  2. GOOD!!

    My Dh is a truck driver, and he sees people behind the wheel doing all kinds of stuff OTHER than driving. Only takes a split second for someone else who's not paying attention and a texting driver to cause major mayhem and death.
  3. The only problem is that if you are cited for this, it does not go on your driving record, nor does it get reported to your insurance. It sort of seems to defeat the purpose if you ask me... :confused1:
  4. ^^ Agreed, Roo. I think this is only the first step in a law of this type.
  5. I never understood how people can text when they drive??! It's just not the most genius thing to do....

  6. I agree 100% :yes:
  7. It's about time!! I'm so tired of people texting while driving.
    My own brother is guilty of this.
  8. Cellphones should be illegal in cars in every way shape and form. PERIOD!!!! It is much more dangerous than driving drunk and is one of the biggest contributors to high insurance costs. I did a 20 page senior research paper on the subject and will never drive while on the phone or ride in a car while someone is on the phone. I'm verry passionate about this. LOL
  9. Good! It should be illegal!

    Anything that impairs your driving should be illegal. (There's a big difference between applying makeup at a stoplight and reading and/or sending text messages. When the light's green, someone can, you know, STOP applying makeup. With the texting, so much is a distraction . . .)
  10. ...this is only the beginning. Talking on cell phones in WA state will get outlawed in the next 6 months or so.

    Whatever happened to 'hands on the steering wheel at 10:00 and 2:00' when I was in driver's ed now sounds like ancient history, LOL! Hello, 1982!!
  11. Good....
    I hope other states follow.
    I also hate when people talk on the phone while driving. one hand on the phone and one hand on the steering wheel. the worst i have seen was this idiot who was talking on the phone on a narrow mountain road doing 20 below speed limit? hello...... was he trying to get people killed?

  12. I do too, doing things that make me think like WTF are they thinking? or better Are they even thinking???? :wtf:
  13. It's a secondary offense.

    They will not be pulling people over for it, according to the police.

    You will be cited if you have an accident, run a light, speed through a school zone, etc. because you were texting.

    I'm curious as to what lengths they will go to enforce this.

    What about dialing phone calls?...

  14. I had read they were outlawing handheld mobiles while driving, and instituting hands free/ blue tooth laws...
  15. i havent' heard the full scoop but that would make sense that hands free/blue tooth devices would be required once the next part of the law is implemented.