Texting Instead of actual written dialog....

  1. Amen brotha
  2. I hate text speak too. I can understand it, but it just looks so bad.

    When has @ replaced the word 'at'? When did it become okay to post something like: "This Celebrity @ Whatever Movie Premiere/Awards Show"?

    Did I miss the board meeting?

    Seriously? Is it that difficult to type two letters?

  3. I agree! I think that my old brain can't get with it. It doesn't work well with run on sentences, no punctuation, no spacing or capitalization. It just hurts so I just have to move past it.
  4. Agree... I don't bother reading that stuff either... it makes me feel that the person behind it is incapable of using proper english language and thus not worth my time reading!!
  5. LOL, I don't either.
  6. I'm with you on that point, Brother! :tup:

    It's like listening to someone read an entire page of a book without taking a single breath.

    No offense to anyone doing it, but I swear it makes your IQ look 50 points lower, too. :whistle:
  7. ....hence, that dunce cap visualization........
  8. Only 50 points? :angel:
  9. I was in a generous mood. :devil:
  10. :lol:
  11. I fnd it v annoying 2 rd posts wrtn in txtspeak. Probs dun wnt to overmod, bt why not ask ppl nt to post txt style?
  12. This discussion has come up in other parts of the board a few times. For the most part, I just don't reply to those that do it regularly.

    Maybe if no one replied to them?
  13. Yeah, I probably wouldn't bother replying to this kind of chat. It's so off-putting!
  14. I thought we already had that in the rules but I was wrong, went to check and didn't see it. I must have seen it somewhere else.
  15. ^^ Wishful thinking?