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  1. My stupid self when copying and pasting something on tPF hit a key and it made my font (and everything on the screen smaller in this window). And then I accidentally did it again. (I don't even know what key(s) I hit!!) Anyone know how I can up my font size again?? Everything on the whole screen is now much smaller. What can I doooo?? Thanks!! :flowers:
  2. That happened to me a few weeks ago!

    I never figured it out...it just got back to normal like..yesterday, and even then i think it was an accident. Try restarting your computer!
  3. If you are using IE, go to your top menu bar and select View-->Text Size. HTH.
  4. If you use a mouse with a scroll thing on it...click "CTRL" on your keyboard while scrolling with the mouse. Scroll up to make the font bigger.
  5. OMG I freakin love you!! It worked!! AHHHH!! Thanks so much!! :tup:
  6. I did not know that! Amazing!
  7. OMG, my 2 year old changed my font size like 2 or 3 months ago and I never could figure out how to fix it so it's just been really small since then. Thanks you so much!:urock:
  8. wow I just tried it and it worked so cool thanks

  9. :yes:

    Or if you're using a laptop without a mouse, you can hold Ctrl and then hit + (to make everything on the screen bigger), or - (to make it smaller). :smile:
  10. oh wow, that works too!! thanks!! :tup: i learn something new everyday!! ;)
  11. ^ :tup:

    No problem! :flowers: